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RECORDS is not only an independent record store and label, but also a professional SCREEN PRINTING service here to help facilitate bands, labels, small business, hobbyists and whoever else needs it with all their printing needs.

We are focused on being able to grow, experiment and adapt along with whatever your needs are whether you're big or small, we're here to be hands on, approachable and involved with the people we're here to help.

Have a look here to see some of the work we've done.


In the modern day, we like things to be cut and clear, easy to understand...simplicity is nice.
We understand that for a lot of people transparency and ease of execution is the key so we'll aim to help you understand what step's we need to take, what we need from you and the cost on your end.
First off, what kind of medium do you need the job to be printed on?
T-shirt, polo tee, jumper, wind breaker, tote bag etc? This will determine your material cost.

For example, below is the costs for two very common Gildan products.
Gildan Heavy Cotton Tee's - $5ea
Gildan Heavy Cotton L/Sleeve's - $7ea
(Priced above at 30pcs and above)

** We are able to source different brands upon request such as AS Colour, Quoz, Fruit of the Loom, Anvil and more. **

Secondly, what's the size of the image, how many colours or separate prints are involved?

Initial print (A4 or bigger) - $5ea
Additional colour or print (front or back of shirt) - $3ea
Sleeve print - $2ea full sleeve or $1ea logo print
Pocket print - $2 to $3ea / add $1ea extra colour
**In the cases of some pocket prints, a very small print may actually work out cheaper**
**Charge rates for multi-colour jobs vary - very minor pieces of colour may not incur a full charge**

Contact us via e-mail at for a quote.

Now when we start talking about turn around time, the usual time from receipt of the deposit for the job until completion is two weeks. If you do need shirts urgently or last minute and this requires us to reshuffle priorities it will incur a rush-job fee, over a weeks notice will incur a $50 rush fee any less than a weeks notice will incur a $100 surcharge.

There is no minimum run on our print jobs however any runs with a quantity below 30pcs there is a $50 surcharge for screen set up and preparation.

We also have a flat $25 courier fee for all jobs outside of QLD (up to 100 tee's), we already include GST within' all quoted price's so there is no extra surprises at the end.


Coming from a hobbyist background, you know - doing it just for fun and being too stingy to fork out big bucks for classic tee's from years gone by, we have an understanding of the obstacles you will come to face and the thing's that might make your life easier whether you're trying to start up your own fashion brand, doing shirts in your shed for your punk band or even getting ready to go into business yourself plus we're happy to share our experiences of making the most out of your budget and environment.

In terms of basic services we can sell you shirt stock, inks, squeegee's, blank and exposed screens, print off your film or even help you print using our equipment!