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Woodboot - "Krang Gang" C/S

Artwork by Sam McKenzie · NGM001

Brisbane misfit bunch of spastics playing in the style of early Brisbane punk and pre-bad brains to NY hardcore. NGM released the second lot of tapes out of 100 after the initial band released run of 50 sold out.

They'll have a new LP out in 2015 which will probably fly completely under the radar when it should be a real smash hit!

Pie Meat - I Want Money, Now! C/S


One man magic, straight down the line hardcore punk in the vein of Out Cold, The Scroungers, mid-paced Rupture songs...pure Australian genius an absolute work of art, this is what we need more of but i guess that's part of it's charm?

Give it a listen here:


16/2/15 · NGM RECORDS · NGM003

After well over a year and a half in limbo since being recorded this follow up to the demo by RIpped Off has finally seen the light of day. A new vinyl release will come at some point in the year hopefully.

A cassette to be played at maximum volume for maximum effect. 100% AK47 SONIC NOISE ASSAULT.
This is Brisbane worshipping at the helm of the Japanese greats and adding their own twist.

S.H.I - "Death" C/S

30/3/16 · NGM RECORDS · NGM004

Originally released in Japan only as a CD (now sold out) on the bands own imprint "Black Lodge" via MCR COMPANY the "Death" CD consisted of all the collected materials of two previous 3-song 7"s "Struggling Harsh Immortals" and the second "Lucifer Rising" that S.H.I. had released via the infamous CRUST WAR RECORDS as well as two new songs that we're recorded for this and a dub version of Suicide Solution off the "Lucifer Rising" EP.

S.H.I.'s personnel alone is nothing to sneeze at having played in bands such as ZOUO, THE STALIN, OFF MASK 00, OUTO, DANSE MACABRE, COBRA, G-ZET and NASHI, just to name a few.

S.H.I. is no slouch and whilst consisting of members who have played in undoubtedly classic Japanese hardcore punk outfits they have not relied on some sort of "cash in" throwback sound, they've got their template and they have distorted it to all hell, adding in serious elements of industrial and noise into the workings of their songs aswell as a serious A/V aspect to their live performance and not just for the sake of it but only ever to add an extra dimension of sonic assault to their music.

The Meat - Demo II: Tender Power / Fresh Meat Demo

16/4/16 · NGM RECORDS · NGM005

NGM RECORDS label imprint proudly brings a healthy serving of THE MEAT, a Brisbane based hardcore punk outfit that heads straight for the throat with cues from good aggressive UK and US hardcore outfits of the 80's bringing to mind the likes of ULTRA VIOLENT, 1st LP era GBH & mid-western bands such as THE FIX with a modern infliction that keeps it from being just a throwback band.

We've taken it upon ourselves to get out there and bring to the masses both THE MEAT'S first demo "FRESH MEAT" a simple three song effort from early 2015 and also their latest offering "TENDER POWER" which makes it very clear that 'HARD' music isn't always about being macho.


UNBOUND - "Flesh Burns" 2016 Demo C/S


Debut new demo cassette from Brisbane punk-metal freaks UNBOUND.

Consisting of current and ex members of Sick People, Nation Of Hate, Where's The Pope?, Pissed On, The Submissives, Ripped Off and OceanofzerO - they are channeling a mixed bag of backgrounds and influences but finding common ground in the madness that is the Australian extreme music scene in the 80's and 90's with bands such as Beanflipper, Christbait, Damaged and Massappeal being huge influences.

The goal of the band is to merge all forms of extremity into one ferocious outfit; chaotic blasts, infectious melody, head banging death metal chaos, the abrasion of intense noise rock, unparalleled intensity only brought together by an ambition to fit no definition.

Only 100 copies made up initially.

Artwork by Isabella Beninca.
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Christopher Brownbill @ Underground Audio, West End.
Assistant engineer - Louis Cottier from Hurricane Death.