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The Bristles - Last Days Of Capitalism LP

The Bristles have an extensive history dating back to 1982 in their town of Landskrona, Sweden where they formed off their mutual love for the UK punk scene at the time, bands like Charged GBH, who's "Leather, Bristles, Studs and Acne" is where the band found inspiration for their name.

They were one of the originators of the "Raw Punk" style that has now become the focal point for many of the Swedish punk history, being known as the traditional Swedish sound.

This is their first full length in 32 years and shows no signs of letting up by the band, where some bands age and choose to resort to a genre change or something more accessible they've kept at their style whilst not buying into the current trend (for better or worse) of reverberated vocals, instead opting for a more direct fluent approach.