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"FLY" by Ann Witherall

Here's the blurb for this fantastic novel; "Fly" by Ann Witherall.

Agro, 15, runs away from SA suburbia to find acceptance in the Melbourne hardcore punk scene, where mates and music are everything. Moving from squat to squat she and her friends survive thugs, prostitute rings, police raids, bikie gangs and speeding thieves. Despite the bleakness of their lifestyle they live by a code of loyalty, one that is all important and separate from the world that rejected Agro. In her desperate struggle for acceptance she is drawn back to her violent past. Only this time being a freak is no disadvantage. Fly is the beginning to a disturbingly saga set in an underground world that slams to a genuine Melbourne beat with real bands, real venues and real attitude.


Our personal take after reading the book is that it's a very well put together look at a time and place in Australian history that is somewhat hard to really imagine in this day and age, a great look back on the punk scene and Australian culture in the 80's too through the eyes of a young woman - often not choosing to look through rose coloured glasses.

Big plus for the mentions of so many awesome old school bands from the 80's such as the legendary "Sick Things", "End Result", "Civil Dissident", "I Spit On Your Gravy" and "Vicious Circle".

Highly recommended.