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Ripcord - Poetic Justice 2LP + CD

Boss Tuneage are at it again with the excellent line of UKHC reissues and this one is a definite gem!
Ripcord we're one of the first waves of UK punk bands in the 80's to take a major influence from the "American Hardcore" scene with bands such as SS Decontrol, Jerry's Kids, The Freeze, F.U.'s and Siege all being huge influences, also to their credit they never wavered from this style when it went back to being unfashionable and adding in metal elements was cool in the late 80's. That's what makes this album "Poetic Justice" so special is that when it wasn't the flavour and the bands around them all started to change, they kept doing what they knew and loved for better or worse (and in our humble opinion for better, as this is arguably their best material) like the true legends they are.

This 2LP comes with a bunch of extras including POETIC JUSTICE completely re-mastered on the first LP and a full 24 song set from The Tropic Club, Bristol in 1988.