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Unbelievably Bad Magazine- Individual Issues

In our humble opinion Unbelievably Bad is Australia's finest alternative music publication covering everything from good ole fashioned rock and roll to your cult local garage grinders, you'll find it all within the pages of UB.

UB also does a fantastic job of their in-depth interviews and articles on long forgotten records or bands, a good reference point being their unearthing efforts of Sydney legends SPUNKBUBBLES and S.U.X.

Get your head on right and grab a copy, there's always something for everyone.

#11: Pete Kostic (Hard On's) / Chinese Burns Unit / Depression Pt 1 / Eyehategod / Hobbs' Angel Of Death & More

#12: Matt Skitz (Damaged) / Drew Gates (Stanley Knife) / The Wipers / Hostile Objects / Depression & More


#14: Rev. Kriss Hades (Sad Ex!) / James Baker / Low Life / D.R.I. / Last Chaos / Buzzcocks / Lecherous Gaze & More. **incl. Dead / Rabbits split flexi-disc**

#15: Royal Headache / Long Knife / Sick People / Dan Stewart (UV Race, Total Control, SJN) & More.

#16: Nathan Williams (Power, Gutter Gods) / Keegan Daly (Space Bong, Funeral Moon) / Mad Macka (Onyas, Cosmic Psychos) / Ian Miller (Coloured Balls) / Barney Greenway (Napalm Death) & Ian Cunningham (The Chosen Few).

#17: Kim Salmon / Kitchen's Floor / Canine / Hydromedusa / B.W.B.B.'s Tour Diary & More

#18: Mudhoney / Rocks / Destroyer 666 / The Victims / Helta Skelta U.S. Tour Diary & More

#19: Randy Reinmann (Massappeal) / GBH / Yuta Matsumura (Low Life / Oily Boys / Orion) & More.