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Yoshihiro Hiraoka & Human Arts ‎– 小我から大我へ / Shogakara Taigae (Kick Rock) ** SOLD OUT **

By the end of the 80's and beginning of the 90's "Poison Arts" had forged themselves a serious legacy of heavy metal influenced hardcore punk, fusing melodious and agonised yet well delivered vocals together with blistering breakneck metal punk - the way that Japan is known for.

However all good things must come to an end and somewhere in the early 90's Poison Arts frontman "Yoshihiro Hiraoka" took to a new task, "Human Arts" keeping with the same direction of Poison Arts but focusing more on the more anthemic and powerful side of things - this saw a re-enlisting of Death Side (and former Poison) guitarist CHELSEA as well as bringing MINORU of Lip Cream / The Comes fame in on Bass and Eiji of MESS on drums.

An amazing record possibly lost to time outside of Japan due to it's CD only release back in 1992, it now in 2016 - 24 years later see's a proper vinyl issue thanks to the aptly named KICK ROCK records.

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