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Massive update for SEPTEMBER.

We've been waiting for ages to get this package in and with the ever dropping aussie dollar it looked like it may just never come but we managed to wrangle it all together and get it here for you lot! 

The amount of variety here is pretty outta the park you've got everything from Shoegaze to Goregrind, Death Rock to Crossover, Death Metal to Oi! and everything in between...there's something for everyone. 

Check these photo's below for a look at what LP's we've managed to grab. 

Below that we'll go through 7"s and some other stuff.

Top picks out of this lot that aren't already sure-fire winners would be the new BROKEN PRAYER and VAASKA but also pay some attention towards the super quality re-issues with TOXIN III and DISARRAY discographies, two quite under-documented bands which should gain your attention for their own merits. 

Of course get your hands on re-issues of the YDI discography and the CONCRETE SOX reissue too. 

As you can tell we've got a fair few reissues or "un-earthed" records in this order, have a geez at that AWESOME reissue job of the CHARRED REMAINS compilation, comes with a wicked 'zine showing off the excellent inserts and artwork from these bands. The EXECUTORS album comes out as a tough underdog, doing a great job of a more aggro version of Blitz, Cock Sparrer or whatever the hell, real anthemic catchy stuff. 

In the world of 7"s you'll be able to get every single one of the DISCHARGE EP's reissued by HAVOC RECORDS along with the FINAL WARNING 1983 demo released by BLACK WATER in Portland.
We picked up some stock from the Armageddon Shop records label so there's the DEEP WOUND EP reissue, all those new DROP DEAD splits (Systematic Death, Ruidosa Inmundicia, Unholy Grave). 

Plus these few from around the place...
OBLIVIONATION - Cult of Culture EP 
Rattens Krater - Stora EP
Rattens Krater - Nordva EP
Pagan Rituals EP

We've also managed to grab a limited amount of copies of "All Ages: The Rise and Fall of the Portland Punk Scene 1977 to 1981" which goes into pretty lengthy detail about a time before Portland was known for it's ripping hardcore, crossover and the like, this book gives you insight into stuff such as the WIPERS, SADO-NATION and the early years of Poison Idea with heaps of awesome extras. 

Posted on September 16th, 2015
Royal Headache "High" LP and new R.I.P. SOCIETY releases on sale Friday 21st August.

Friday you'll be able to get your grubby little mits on copies of the brand new Royal Headache LP a long with a bunch of brand new RIP SOCIETY release and a few old ones, such as Bet Wettin' Bad Boys, Cured Pink and Ghastly Spats LP's and many more. 

We are in fact the only store in Brisbane at this rate which will be selling copies and they are limited, so get in quick or be spewin' you missed out.

Posted on August 17th, 2015

We've been a big bogged down since opening the store, so we've finally updated the store with stuff that we've got in recently....though as we say this, we're expecting a couple big shipments from Europe, the USA and the UK so keep your eyes peeled for another massive update.

The shops been going well so far and if you haven't come in, you definitely should. 

Posted on August 12th, 2015

We're opening up on SATURDAY!!! Come on down and check out what we've got on offer. 
Spend more than $100 and get 10% off your next shop in store! 

After our glorious first opening day we'll be taking some records down to the Bearded Lady and DJ-ing all night in between bands at the Last Chaos, Frown, Shackles and Heavy Breather gig! 

Posted on July 14th, 2015
Movin' and shakin' - things are happening.

We're making a lot of headway on the shop, looking like we'll be up and running for the 2nd weekend of July

To celebrate this we're going to be giving anyone who spends over $100 at the Crowbar Garage Sale next Sunday a card for 10% off their next shop with us and for anyone interested in printing, we'll be giving 10% off for your first batch if you get in touch and make a deposit before the end of July

It's not just awesome deals, we'll also be bringing a few choice cuts of rare wax with us and NGM RECORDS tee's!

Come on down to Crowbar Black on the 5th of July, buy some paraphernalia and see some rippin' bands. 

SELLIN' RECORDS N THAT                                             

Posted on June 30th, 2015