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New and upcoming releases for NGM RECORDS.

It's been a while since an update on our behalf but we're going to try and keep things more consistent from here on in, more updates and more interaction, starting with a bit of a tidy up of the website and more to come as we keep going.

In our first lot of news is that there are TWO brand new NGM Records releases from PISSBOLT and UNBOUND up for sale now after a successful launch show down in Melbourne on the 10th.
Release number one is the second full length CD (and first in 12 years!!) from Melbourne band PISSBOLT which you can purchase here, "PISSNBLOOD" is 12 songs of furious grinding metal mixed with abstract hardcore and total unrelenting force, it comes housed in a killer digipack with a brilliant booklet full of lyrics and artwork, it really is part of a whole package.

Click on the following link to read a to-the-point interview with frontman Simon thanks to Unbelievably Bad.

Stream it and purchase digital files over at our bandcamp page.

Secondly we have a second follow up demo tape from Brisbane punk metal freaks UNBOUND titled "Black Hole Hatred" recorded and mixed mid February with Sacha Yarrow at Yarrow Studios in Murwillumbah, backed up with cover art by Thomas Bartsch and layout design concept by the band.

This material see's the band hone in on their influences whilst diversifying on their sound, bringing fourth five colossal new tracks and the bands own take on the BEANFLIPPER classic "Brave New World".

Go here to purchase yourself a copy of the cassette
You can stream BLACKHOLEHATRED and purchase digital files at our bandcamp page.

Moving on from what's out, lets talk about what's COMING...and that's the debut self-titled LP from Sydney's black metal infused hardcore punk lads ROBBER!! The pre-orders are up for this record now which you can sort yourself out with just HERE and a partial stream of the record along with a digital pre-order is up on the NGM bandcamp page. Due for release on the 28th of April at Total Attack Festival.

ROBBER is filthy and in these 8 tracks, you will not find any cheer, you will not find any bright will wallow in what Sydney really is; FILTH, DIRGE, SCUM and CRIME, with a layer of morbid humour.
Not for mass consumption, just mass volume and disgust.
Eerie desperately haphazard black metal infused hardcore punk.

Songs from the RIPPED OFF "LAST CHANCE AT DEATH" 12" are up for stream now with the record going to press for a release sometime this year as a co-release with ANTI TODO records out of Spain.

Posted on March 17th, 2017