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Another day, another update - more stupid ideas in the pipeline than the Trump presidential campaign.

A few weeks ago we brought you NGM004: the "DEATH" cassette from Osaka's industrial metal punks S.H.I. and now we bring you another new release NGM005: "TENDER POWER II" cassette from Brisbane HC punk delta-whimps THE MEAT.

Having only existed for a little over a year THE MEAT have been relatively quiet, not playing a huge amount of shows, keeping to themselves and just playing hard 'n' fast, the only way they know how and along the way they managed to record two demo's in the space of a year - this cassette compiles both of those recording efforts.

On top of new release news we've also just got new issues of top-shelf punk rags MAXIMUM ROCK 'N' ROLL and UNBELIEVABLY BAD.
This current issue of MRR is an interesting one, taking some time away from interviewing bands and dedicating this whole issue to interviewing international 'zine makers and archivists.

Just as you were starting to wonder...where is the next issue of Unbelievably Bad, well here it is!
This issue rules, jam packed start to finish with killer stuff - highlights for us being a great in depth with BILL POSTERS of the almighty Sydney punk legends ROCKS (celebrating their 40th year as a band!), jam packed interview with DESTROYER 666'S "KK WARSLUT" and brilliant detailed HELTA SKELTA U.S. TOUR DIARY.

Posted on April 14th, 2016