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Movin' and shakin' - things are happening.

We're making a lot of headway on the shop, looking like we'll be up and running for the 2nd weekend of July

To celebrate this we're going to be giving anyone who spends over $100 at the Crowbar Garage Sale next Sunday a card for 10% off their next shop with us and for anyone interested in printing, we'll be giving 10% off for your first batch if you get in touch and make a deposit before the end of July

It's not just awesome deals, we'll also be bringing a few choice cuts of rare wax with us and NGM RECORDS tee's!

Come on down to Crowbar Black on the 5th of July, buy some paraphernalia and see some rippin' bands. 

SELLIN' RECORDS N THAT                                             

Posted on June 30th, 2015