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Brisbane based 4-piece born from an intention to play hardcore punk inspired by the likes of UK and Japanese icons such as Bastard, Heresy, Lip Cream, Gauze, GISM, Ripcord whilst making no conscious effort to become a cheap copy often layering in elements of improvisation, harsh noise and industrial music.

A demo was released just in time for the first show, less than 50 copies were made and it can be described as even worse than the Heresy's just a sheer blizzard of a recording.
The "" cassette EP was intended to come out as a 7" with the 6 minute, 9 second "" as a single track flexi...however it took so long to come to fruition that the band has since written more songs and focused down a more disgusting path with enough ammunition for an LP later in the year.

Ripped Off is pure 100% AK47 SONIC NOISE ASSAULT it cannot be contained and it is not to be enjoyed.


16/2/15 · NGM RECORDS · NGM003

After well over a year and a half in limbo since being recorded this follow up to the demo by RIpped Off has finally seen the light of day. A new vinyl release will come at some point in the year hopefully.

A cassette to be played at maximum volume for maximum effect. 100% AK47 SONIC NOISE ASSAULT.
This is Brisbane worshipping at the helm of the Japanese greats and adding their own twist.