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New and upcoming releases for NGM RECORDS.

It's been a while since an update on our behalf but we're going to try and keep things more consistent from here on in, more updates and more interaction, starting with a bit of a tidy up of the website and more to come as we keep going.

In our first lot of news is that there are TWO brand new NGM Records releases from PISSBOLT and UNBOUND up for sale now after a successful launch show down in Melbourne on the 10th.
Release number one is the second full length CD (and first in 12 years!!) from Melbourne band PISSBOLT which you can purchase here, "PISSNBLOOD" is 12 songs of furious grinding metal mixed with abstract hardcore and total unrelenting force, it comes housed in a killer digipack with a brilliant booklet full of lyrics and artwork, it really is part of a whole package.

Click on the following link to read a to-the-point interview with frontman Simon thanks to Unbelievably Bad.

Stream it and purchase digital files over at our bandcamp page.

Secondly we have a second follow up demo tape from Brisbane punk metal freaks UNBOUND titled "Black Hole Hatred" recorded and mixed mid February with Sacha Yarrow at Yarrow Studios in Murwillumbah, backed up with cover art by Thomas Bartsch and layout design concept by the band.

This material see's the band hone in on their influences whilst diversifying on their sound, bringing fourth five colossal new tracks and the bands own take on the BEANFLIPPER classic "Brave New World".

Go here to purchase yourself a copy of the cassette
You can stream BLACKHOLEHATRED and purchase digital files at our bandcamp page.

Moving on from what's out, lets talk about what's COMING...and that's the debut self-titled LP from Sydney's black metal infused hardcore punk lads ROBBER!! The pre-orders are up for this record now which you can sort yourself out with just HERE and a partial stream of the record along with a digital pre-order is up on the NGM bandcamp page. Due for release on the 28th of April at Total Attack Festival.

ROBBER is filthy and in these 8 tracks, you will not find any cheer, you will not find any bright will wallow in what Sydney really is; FILTH, DIRGE, SCUM and CRIME, with a layer of morbid humour.
Not for mass consumption, just mass volume and disgust.
Eerie desperately haphazard black metal infused hardcore punk.

Songs from the RIPPED OFF "LAST CHANCE AT DEATH" 12" are up for stream now with the record going to press for a release sometime this year as a co-release with ANTI TODO records out of Spain.

Posted on March 17th, 2017
What's that? You've got lots of new stock?! Let me see!

It's been a long while coming but here it is, we've got a metaphorical SHIT TONNE of new stock and second hand stock in. We've got in a real mixed bag this time with a lot more metal and some more under appreciated (and under documented) Japanese HC, interesting new school garage punk and just your usual bonafide modern classics!

First up there's the bundle of ragers in from Tokyo's "Break The Records", run by Ryu of Systematic Death - this label puts out predominately CD releases so that's what you'll find mostly here, a lot of great Japanese stuff doesn't get to make it out on vinyl due to the fact that a lot of punks in Japan don't have room or money for stereo systems and turntables, that being said we've got a few copies in of the TETSU ARRAY - IV LP and also the CD version.

Japan has always had a tradition, especially from the 90's onwards of having CD releases that never gained proper traction outside of Japan - not for lack of quality but just simply for lack of exposure and possibly a bit of wax snobbery.

A great example are these killer releases from Break The Records; LAST's killer EP "Better Than To Do Nothing" is a really solid piece of thrashing hardcore punk with a metallic drive bringing to mind bands like Systematic Death meets Nightmare.

Camarada and Roys represent the often over looked city of Shizouka on their splitCD - Camarada ripping through intense yet catchy hardcore with raspy scathing vocal delivery whilst Roys come out with something a bit more advanced more akin stylistically to that of Death Side or Judgement with killer guitar work and subtle nuances.

No Excuse / Firebirdgass split EP show's a different angle to the Japanese sound with No Excuse representing a younger part of the scene and Firebirdgass playing a more traditionally noisy, looser style of 80's Japanese punk.

The KKG / Cosmos split EP stands as a document of the modern Sapporo punk scene giving much reference back to bands from the region like L.S.D or Napalm through a modern lense.

This is all topped off with the TETSU ARRAY "Last Night" compilation which brings together all of their out of print 7"s for those who cannot afford or hunt them down, some of their best material is on this disc. Total burning spirits motorhead hardcore.

Obscure hardcore reissues, that's something that we all love...all the record collector scum scraping every nook and cranny for that lost gem, sometimes a hit - sometimes a miss. These records however are definite hits and all from the ever impressive GENERAL SPEECH!

G-GAS "Generation Gas" LP By now we know that General Speech are really into their obscure Japanese hardcore and this G-Gas is the perfect example, hailing from the Sapporo region and predating the efforts of bands such as NAPALM or L.S.D. they were definitely a direct influence, really demented hardcore to be playing this early in the 80's and possibly has more in line with the works of a band like the NIHILISTICS from New York than that of say...GISM.

MANBIKI CHOCOLATE "Super Dimensional Hardcore" LP: When you look at this artwork and you think to yourself "holy shit this looks like some sort of awesome video game" you're going to need to severely brace yourself for this raging slab of SUPER DIMENSIONAL HARDCORE because Manbiki Chocolate are some kind of unsung Japanese heros of the 90's - this LP shows all of their material throught this period, starting as a more traditional Japanese HC outfit sort of like Gudon or Systematic Death and then morphing into a more metallic, tougher band similar to that of contemparies Slang or Crude.

PSYCHO SIN "Forward To The Caves" LP: Idiot hardcore, that's what this is - nonsensical idiot hardcore and it's pretty much perfect for that exact's fast as all hell, somewhat known as originators of the "noisecore" style and it's fitting. Reckon these New Jersey freaks would have been loving all the other NJ bands like Mental Abuse, A.O.D. and Bedlam that came before them and revved up the speed factor.

To steer a bit further away from your underground obscurities, here's three slabs that are in no need of real introduction. Powerhouse label SOUTHERN LORD have gone ahead and reissued the three WOLFPACK LP's which would pave the way for the d-beat resurgence of the late 90's and early 2000's - eventually changing their name to WOLFBRIGADE they started off with original Anti-Cimex vocalist and Shitlickers bassist Tomass back on vocal duties, no doubt bringing a lot of peoples attention to the band.

An amazing job for a much deserving band who trail blazed the modern melodic d-beat sound many would come to emulate or take massive inspiration from.

Fairly certain that there is little to no need for an introduction to the legendary SUNN O))) and it's probably a case of either you love it or you hate it, the band has set out from the beginning on a very well executed adventure - nothing is for the sake of it, everything serves some sort of calculated purpose from the artwork to the structure to how the album is put together, whether that's made clear or understood is another thing.
Across these 6 records you get a pretty good idea of many of the different approaches to extreme music through minimalism that the band have channelled, from some of their most early and more "metal" output on "Black One" or the eerie folky blackened minimalism of the collaboration with Norwegian artist ULVER.

More swag from Southern Lord, this stuff a bit more AGGRO a bit more for the people!
Restocked copies of NAILS "Abandon All Life" LP and reissued gatefold of the 2010 debut LP"Unsilent Death". Both of the 12" reissues from Norway's OKKULTOKRATI in lead up to their 3rd LP out soon via Southern Lord - interesting blackened punk that sometimes verges into bleak pop influenced post-punk territory. Greece's SARABANTE deserve a special mention here for their efforts on their LP it's a real powerhouse of a record channeling melody inflicted heavy d-beat with 90's hardcore and not coming off worse for wear - a definite crossover record for fans of d-beat and more heavy hardcore fans.

Top notch round of applause for PARANOID with their efforts on the "Satyagraha" LP, we've been waiting a long while for this to get in and it does not disappoint, sheer power tenfold over, I think after doing their covers series (a cover a month for a year) they really honed their style and understood their collective influences and it's set them apart from the sea of noisy d-beat worshippers - in 15 years maybe people will be worshipping at the efforts of Paranoid. They've melded extreme metal and punk together without losing any charm or intensity and much can be said for their dedication to Japan despite being from Sweden.

LOUD - HEAVY - UNSETTLING. That's probably the most fitting tag line for all of these records, despite their unique differences it's one thing they all share in common.

OM's "Pilgrimage" LP and PELICAN's "Ataraxia/Taraxis" MLP have got you covered for your dose of intricacies and more "soothing" sounds - at least more palatable than the rest?

GOATSNAKE have come out of what many might have been assumed, a permanent rest but they come at it as fresh as they ever have been before with brand new 2LP "Black Age Blues" and to tie it all together their 2000 LP "Flower Of Disease" now back in press after 15+ years. Brutal stoner-doom from ex and current members of Sunn O)), Burning Witch, Scream & Sonic Medusa.

HISSING have come out on top as the real underdog of the lot, it's not often that Southern Lord will release a 7" so it had to be good and this band is FUCKIN' GOOD, hailing from Seattle and featuring Stephen O'Malley of Sunn O)))'s younger brother on guitar it's no real wonder! Sonically they share much resemblance with Australian bands such as Impetuous Ritual, Portal or Ignivimous, brutal sick and twisted fucked up death metal! A MUST HAVE!!!

LAST BUT NOT LEAST...those of you who like a bit of "indulgence" will be chomping at the bit for the full 2LP version reissue of SLEEP's monstrous 1-hour PLUS single song masterpiece "DOPESMOKER" which also includes two live tracks as a bonus on the D-side!

DEAD BEAT RECORDS are easily one of the most active garage punk labels going in the US and across the world right now, putting out such a wide variety of bands and the recent lot of stuff we've got off of them is no exception - you've got everything from abstract ebullition records styled HC punk to obnoxious 70's NY style Glam.

DISCO LEPERS is members of the Gaggers and continue in that shithead tradition of bratty garage punk.
PINPRICK PUNISHMENT are an extraordinary Japanese punk outfit producing scathing off kilter riffs and antagonising lyrics, comparable to many of Sam McPheeter's bands of years gone by.
THE MANTS, DYING SHAMES and CHARM BAG all deliver their own brand of garage rock and roll with comparison to the likes of Thee Headcotes, Oblivians, Cramps and The Mummies.
DR. BOOGIE have this brilliant way of delivering glam-rock anthems without leaving this disgusting greasy feeling all over you and for that you gotta be thankful, you'll be rockin' your night away with this record...especially if you are a fan of the 70's CBGB's punk explosion scene.

Some non DBR releases in the form of two new-ish SICK THOUGHTS singles continuing in the way only Drew Owen himself can, through self hatred, arrogance, pity, booze and whatever else...hardcore punk filtered through lo-fi garage punk moronic activity.

Plus just a single copy of the excellent CRASH BOX early years discography - some intense Italian hardcore indeed!


There's something about a label like BEACH IMPEDIMENT that really gets the blood boiling, great release after great release with no real care for what might be "in vogue" right now, they just keep putting out killer punch-you-in-the-head style HARDCORE PUNK and that's worth all the commendation alone.

First off the bat lets introduce the new kid on the block the immense BLOOD PRESSURE "Need to Control" LP...the initial response to describe it is HARD and that's not about being tough but there's no "flab" here there's no extra fat, they trimmed it all off and kept it lean and vicious, to the point where changing vocalists is almost not even an issue.

Then there's re-stocks of some previous success stories in the form of CONCEALED BLADE, MERCY KILLINGS, AJAX & EEL.

Plus there's that pesky SOUL CRAFT EP which is actually a General Speech release but we couldn't make it fit into one of these cool template's we made so it's down here but it's another case of underrated Japanese band from a lesser documented area finally getting the time of day. Following up their 2005 release on the legendary BLOODSUCKER RECORDS, hailing from Kumamoto City they really do a great job of throwing back to the thrashing explosion of Japan in the late 80's with bands you would find on something like "Get Back The Discharged Arrow", "Your Meat, My Poison" or the "Best Run Fast" compilations of the early 90's.

Alrighty, it's time to wrap this all up sooner rather than later - here you get a bunch of records that have been in the store for a while but for whatever reason got skipped over getting put online? There was quite a few so some are missing from here but just head over and have a squiz from some extra surprises!

There's a few killer re-issue, discography type releases going on here especially for the Japanese fans - reissue of the HUMAN ARTS album (for the first time ever on vinyl), GHOUL's 1984 "Carry Out Fucking" EP and the 25 year anniversary release of WARHEAD's "Cry Of Truth" EP originally released in 1991.

Other parts of the world from the 80's are represented with G-ANX "Flashbacks" 2LP, SM-70's discography LP + 7" combo (comes with massive recommendation!) , all time classic HC CLASSIC "Dehumanization" from CRUCIFIX and the morbid spanish punk of QLOAQA LETAL "Nunca Siempre" LP.

Then there's assorted fare such as the stupidly fast CAPTAIN CLEANOFF / THE KILL split EP, great rock and roll punk from Portland's P.R.O.B.L.E.M.S., two amazing d-beat hardcore records from Sweden's HORRENDOUS and Canada's SYSTEMATIK...all rounded out by the left-fielder that is the powerhouse self titled LP from ZERO which is quite possibly the closest any band not from Japan has come to nailing the right approach to the "Burning Spirits" sound, being so eerily alike to Death Side's classic LP "Bet On The Possibility". Don't wait around and wish you got it when you had the chance!

That's enough of this shit for now, there's going to be an update soon with some second hand stock going online once we've got a bit more time.

While you're waiting for us to do that, go ahead and grab yourself a copy of the brand new "Disgusting Zombie Metal" triple CD clamshell boxset (includes some nice liner notes, pictures from back in the day and awesome embroidered patch) from 90's Brisbane death-metal legends CRYPT as well as order a copy of the brand new NGM RECORDS release; the "Flesh Burns" demo from punk-metal bastards UNBOUND.

Posted on September 7th, 2016
And the ball keeps rolling.

Time for an update we reckon...its been a while since the last one and we've got a bit to catch up on.

First of all we've got a slew of old and new releases either on their way to or in the store now. Below we'll endeavour to try and give you a bit of info about them.

Thanks to French label "Kick Rock" (excellent naming your label after a Poison Arts album, right?) we have some copies of their two new releases incoming; the first ever vinyl pressing of the Yoshihiro Hiraoka & Human Arts LP from 1992 which if you're not aware is basically a continuation of Poison Arts but with Chelsea (Paintbox, Death Side, Execute etc) playing Guitar instead of Aki then joined by Eiji from ME♀SS on drums and Minoru (Lip Cream, The Comes etc) on bass.

If you've heard any of the prior "Poison Arts" material you'll know just what to expect. Blazing metallic edge hardcore with lots of melodies and vocals that straddle the line between glam rock and manic nut job.

Secondly KICK ROCK have also taken up arms to do a European LP pressing of the SKIZOPHRENIA(JPN) "Single Ticket To Demolition" compilation of all their collective songs to date, with excellent artwork by Yeap of Kromosom / Pisschrist.
Many people will remember Skizophrenia from their split 7" with Texas punks VAASKA.

We're also expecting a few new titles in from F.O.A.D. out of Italy including the incredible and now already very limited LP pressing of the NAPALM (JPN) discography and the quite well revered Italian Punk HC documentary put together by LoveHate80 covering all the "glory years" of the Italian HC scene from 1980-1989. Plus in the tradition of F.O.A.D. more unearthed metal from Mutilator (Pre-Sarcofago), Majesty (Pre-Nausea & Terrorizer), Poison (German 80's death-thrash) and Terrorizer (Double LP of demo's and live material).

What's that...we've got EVEN more stuff inbound from Europe?! Including the 25 year anniversary pressing of Japan's, Kyoto HC killers WARHEAD's "Cry Of Truth" EP and the amazing ZERO - S/T LP a bunch of US punks doing a really well done tip of the hat to later-era Death Side and other "Burning Spirits" HC bands.

Also copies of the following






and heaps more including; Oi Polloi, Origin of [M] (ex-Gudon), PLF, Death Dealers (Ex-ENT & Anti Cimex), Horrendous, Qloaqa Letal LP, Sete Star Sept - Sacrifice LP, Thisclose - Singles C/S, Dead Kennedys and way more...

In second hand stock news we've got a bunch of Heavy Metal, New Wave and 2000's HC records as well as cassettes in recently from the likes of EVILDEAD LP, KRAFTWERK LP'S, GARY NUMAN/TUBEWAY ARMY, DEATH ANGEL C/S, S.O.D. C/S, GOOSEBUMPS (PRE-HANK WOOD & THE HAMMERHEADS), URBAN BLIGHT, HOAX, PARIAH (POST-SATAN) RULE OF THIRDS, OVERKILL, SABBAT, BLACK JESUS (DEMO TAPE), SICK PEOPLE, WINGS and way more.

Keep checkin' in with us because we've got more and more on the way as time goes by!
Please let us know if there's anything you're after and we'll endeavour to get it in.

Posted on June 8th, 2016

Another day, another update - more stupid ideas in the pipeline than the Trump presidential campaign.

A few weeks ago we brought you NGM004: the "DEATH" cassette from Osaka's industrial metal punks S.H.I. and now we bring you another new release NGM005: "TENDER POWER II" cassette from Brisbane HC punk delta-whimps THE MEAT.

Having only existed for a little over a year THE MEAT have been relatively quiet, not playing a huge amount of shows, keeping to themselves and just playing hard 'n' fast, the only way they know how and along the way they managed to record two demo's in the space of a year - this cassette compiles both of those recording efforts.

On top of new release news we've also just got new issues of top-shelf punk rags MAXIMUM ROCK 'N' ROLL and UNBELIEVABLY BAD.
This current issue of MRR is an interesting one, taking some time away from interviewing bands and dedicating this whole issue to interviewing international 'zine makers and archivists.

Just as you were starting to wonder...where is the next issue of Unbelievably Bad, well here it is!
This issue rules, jam packed start to finish with killer stuff - highlights for us being a great in depth with BILL POSTERS of the almighty Sydney punk legends ROCKS (celebrating their 40th year as a band!), jam packed interview with DESTROYER 666'S "KK WARSLUT" and brilliant detailed HELTA SKELTA U.S. TOUR DIARY.

Posted on April 14th, 2016

Good folks of the internet and those of you who are not on facebook, we are only four weeks away from the huge weekend that is TOTAL ATTACK 2016 .

We have put up timetables for all four days of the TOTAL ATTACK 2016 weekend so you may plan your comings and goings, when you want to see bands and when you might want to get something to eat or maybe just even MORE to drink?
Check below and you'll see all you need to know!

Tickets are starting to sell quickly so if you have been apprehensive about buying your advance tickets, please do so by going HERE and then selecting which days you need tickets for.
Weekend passes have completely SOLD OUT so all the remaining tickets are full price.



Posted on April 12th, 2016